It is a website whereby new bands upload their music and people (called Scouts, like me and you) rate the songs. If the ratings are high for a band then they get put into a showcase to ultimately receive funding for an album.

This is a genuine way for music fans to rate songs and earn money.

Wait.... Did you say earn money?!?!?

Sure did!

I first heard about this website from another blog about making money online. We all want to make money without laying out any so to speak, so I was instantly curious.

I decided to take a look at the site as I am always very wary about making money online as normally it amounts to nothing or its a scam.

You can earn up to $.20 per review...  Now your wondering only .20 that's terrible...... That is where you are wrong

Only having to listen to 90 seconds of a song write a quick review and get paid $$$$ that sounds pretty good to me.

I am easily earning $70.00 + a week and all I am doing is listening to music!!!


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